Sessions at NRF’s convention show us the way of the future

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My hustle to the Big Show began at 6am on Tuesday. I had my blogging materials, umbrella in hand and hit the city streets. I was ready for a busy day; nothing was going to stop me.

The day began with “Keeping a Classic Brand Modern“. “Ralph Lauren is about change and pushing the envelope,” stated David Lauren, who awed his audience this morning. He expressed how such a classic brand stays unique and modern. One way they continue to reach their customer and modernize their brand is by prompting their brand story through their ads. From shop-able fashion shows and story books on their website to 4D events; as a company they have created awesome new ways to connect to their customers. We will defiantly be seeing a lot of things from Ralph Lauren.

Have you heard of “Conscious Capitalism”? This is the ingenious idea used by retailers such as Whole Foods and The Container Store. After hearing Kip Tindell, Walter Robb, and Jonathan Sokoloff speak, I was hooked on the idea. These retailers offer values that matter for all their stakeholders, especially their employees. This is the way of the future!

Then I headed over to “What the Next Five Years of Retail Will be About”. Speaker Mitch Joel kept his audience involved and laughing the entire session. The hour flew by! Mitch gave his audience 5 great tips about where retail will be. Fact 5: One Screen — Mitch states that no matter how many technology screens are present, the one in front of the consumer is most important. As well as, be prepared to introduce touch transparent screens within your home. Minority Report here we come!

My day continued with “The Future Shopper: How Offline is the New Online”, “Fashion and The Future”, and making my way through the Expo Hall. At my first stop “The Future Shopper: How Offline is the New Online,” one trend to capitalize on is a digital wallet. Would you be willing to go fully digital? As well as we are married to our phones. We cannot go a day without our little computer in our hand. We must surf the web or purchase, purchase, purchase. During “Fashion and The Future”, I was excited to see updated fashions for the upcoming years; cut out dresses and 1950’s updates. Lastly, not only is the Expo Hall huge but I got lost 5 times. I wound up bumping into several people who looked like I did, a lost puppy. We exchanged laughs and were pointed in the right direction.

Another great and successful day at the Big Show!

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    If you check out this floor plan of the Expo Hall, you can see how easy it would be to get lost!

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