Students’ (and a Retailer’s) Impressions of NRF’s BIG Show

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While waiting for a session to begin, I took the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Gurtowski and Alicia Crasto, fellow NFSA members of mine from Fashion Institute of Technology. They were happy to share their first experience of the Big Show.

What is your best experience at the Big Show?

Elizabeth: “I enjoyed the networking lunch. I feel that FIT is a very involved chapter and I am happy to be a part of it.”

Alicia: “I liked NRFSA meeting with other colleges and hearing what they have done throughout the year.”

What are you most looking forward to?

Elizabeth: “I can’t wait to see Bill Clinton speak as well as to network and walk through the Expo Hall.”

Alicia: “I am also looking forward to walking around the Expo Hall. I am excited to see the new technologies.”

Did you get anything out of attending the Big Show?

Elizabeth: “I would love to get an internship that can lead into a future job opportunity by attending the show, especially since I just graduated.”

Alicia: “I was most looking forward to learning about the new technologies and the information sessions that can only be learned or seen at the Big Show.”


 Fashion Institute of Technology students and faculty members gather at their booth in the Javits Convention Center at Retail’s BIG Show

In addition to meeting other students, from other colleges across the U.S., I was excited to meet Jessica Wilson, a senior recruiter for Walmart Stores. After meeting her at the NRFSA Retail Talent Networking Lunch, I was honored to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her career.

What was your first paying job? Any retail store experience?

“My first job was at a grocery store in Oklahoma.”

Why do you like working in retail?

“I enjoy retail due to it is a fast paced environment.”

What is the best career advice you would give to a student?

“I would say, don’t be strict to your career path. Change is always good; you never know what new doors can open into a career.”

Great advice. I enjoyed speaking with Jessica and I hope to see reacquaint with her at next year’s BIG Show!

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