Supply chain operations careers are valuable to companies like Starbucks

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Does finding the best possible product for a company excite you? Are you constantly on the hunt for the most cost-effective way to complete a task? If you found yourself getting excited about those questions, then a career in supply chain operations may just be your calling.

If you’re unfamiliar with supply chain — they’re responsible in the organization, people, technology, activities, information, and resources, used to get the product from the supplier to the customer.

Starbucks has released a great behind-the-scenes video detailing how their supply chain works:

“Planning in our supply chain involves planning everything from raw materials, through manufacturing, to our retail markets.”

The supply chain operations department at Starbucks manages four functions: Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver. The team makes sure that their global products reach over 17,000+ stores, with 70,000+ deliveries, all originating from 6 different plants.

That’s a whole lot of numbers, but it’s just to give you an idea of how immense this operation is — and why they need more people who are interested in making it all possible.

“What makes working at Starbucks so special for me — is the sense of family and the passion for what we’re doing. We’re not making widgets — we’re making the best coffee in the world.” Anna Johnson, Roasting Plant Operations

If a supply chain career piqued your interest please visit our Retail Careers partner, Career Builder, to apply for a job in the supply chain operations field. Not interested in supply chain? Check out our other retail careers options on our Facebook page.


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