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Have you ever wanted to know what a typical day is like for someone working in planning and allocation? Watch the latest installment of our Retail: an Inside Look video blog series featuring Kelly Walker, Executive Director of Planning and Allocation at Urban Outfitters.  In addition to describing his typical work day, Kelly discusses the [...]

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NRF STORES recently conducted an interview with JGA’s Chairman Ken Nisch. Mr. Nisch, who has been with the design consultancy firm for more than 30 years, is a registered architect and was inducted into the Retail Design Institute’s Legion of Honor in recognition of his outstanding career achievement in the field of retail store design. [...]

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Valentine’s Day is over.  You bought the flowers, the gifts and shared the romantic dinner. I can’t help but think about a different kind of love – a love for working in retail. What I love about this industry is that it provides a niche for everyone, whether it’s sales, marketing, buying, supply chain or [...]

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